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Technical equipment

Technical equipment

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1. The purified water system adopts primary reverse osmosis plus EDI (filled ion exchange resin electrodialysis device), which has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. It can meet the water requirements for infusion production, fully meet the requirements of Pharmacopoeia 2000, and also meet the requirements and regulations of GMP and FDA on pharmaceutical water. The operation of the system adopts a distributed control system with decentralized control and centralized monitoring. The operation station is composed of industrial PLC control and block control, forming a reliable distributed control system for automatic operation and monitoring control|

2. The steam regulation system adopts y-w series temperature and pressure reduction device. The system is characterized by the separation of pressure reduction system and temperature reduction system. It can also play a good effect under bad working conditions. During system operation, the regulation range is large, the action is stable, the effect is good, and the sensitivity and precision are high. The control adopts real-time intelligent digital regulation control. The whole technology has a high level in China.

3. At present, the power supply system has a 10KVA special line, and the 35KVA special line will be launched soon. The whole system also adopts decentralized remote operation control. Another set of Rolls Royce P = 1250kva diesel generator set is provided.

4. The company's cooling system is centrally and uniformly managed by the refrigeration station. The cryogenic is a piston machine, and the air conditioning water (7 ℃ water) uses two more advanced single screw units produced by Daikin, Japan. The unit adopts PLC intelligent control, simple operation and high efficiency.

At present, the operation and records of water, electricity and steam are managed by computer. The control center is the brain of the whole energy system, which greatly promotes the improvement of management and labor productivity.




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