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The world's top ten pharmaceutical giants are all foreign enterprises. How can domestic enterprises cross the "mountain"?

The world's top ten pharmaceutical giants are all foreign enterprises. How can domestic enterprises cross the "mountain"?

(Summary description)On October 25, 2021, recently, the famous American magazine pharmaceutical manager published a list. They selected the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies in the world in 2021. According to their list, let's learn about the top 10 enterprises and their representative products.

The world's top ten pharmaceutical giants are all foreign enterprises. How can domestic enterprises cross the "mountain"?

(Summary description)On October 25, 2021, recently, the famous American magazine pharmaceutical manager published a list. They selected the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies in the world in 2021. According to their list, let's learn about the top 10 enterprises and their representative products.


On October 25, 2021, recently, the famous American magazine pharmaceutical manager published a list. They selected the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies in the world in 2021. According to their list, let's learn about the top 10 enterprises and their representative products.
Overview of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world
First of all, let me explain the concept of biopharmaceutical. Biopharmaceutical refers to the pharmaceutical process in which medical researchers extract specific substances from organisms themselves, biological tissues, or biological cells, organs, body fluids and other biological related raw materials to make related drugs for the treatment of specific diseases. As the name suggests, the raw materials of biopharmaceutical mainly come from natural biomaterials, including but not limited to microorganisms, human bodies, animals and plants on land or in the sea. The wide range of applications and the amount of knowledge involved are amazing. It can be said that biopharmaceutical is a high-end industry with concentrated high-precision technology.
The magazine "pharmaceutical manager" ranks companies according to the global sales revenue of prescription drugs in 2020. They believe that this basis can better reflect the global influence of a biopharmaceutical company and more intuitively show the hard power of enterprises in the biopharmaceutical field. According to the list provided by the magazine, the top ten enterprises are Roche (1) from Switzerland, Novartis (2) from Switzerland, Alberto (3) from the United States, Johnson & Johnson (4), Bristol Myers Squibb (5), Merck (6), Sanofi (7) from France and Pfizer (8) from the United States, GlaxoSmithKline from the UK (9) and Takeda from Japan (10). Among them, there are two Swiss enterprises, five American enterprises, and one enterprise in Britain, France and Japan. It is worth mentioning that these ten enterprises also occupy the top ten position in last year's list, which is only slightly changed compared with this year's ranking.
From this list, it can be seen that the hard power of American Biopharmaceutical Enterprises is still very strong worldwide. Although only two enterprises in Switzerland focusing on medical security are among the top ten, they firmly occupy the top two positions on the list. The rest, such as Britain, France and Japan, are also developed countries with high scientific and technological development.
As the country with the longest life expectancy in the world, why can Switzerland lead the world in medical and biopharmaceutical? This is closely related to the characteristics of Swiss medical and Biopharmaceutical Enterprises. Firstly, they have the world's leading science and technology, which provides a strong guarantee for their integrated excellent medical quality. Secondly, they maintain a rigorous and innovative attitude towards medical scientific research, which provides a solid foundation for their people-oriented medical concept. In the list of the most influential pharmaceutical enterprises in the world formulated by pharmaceutical manager magazine, Roche pharmaceutical enterprises from Switzerland ranked first. Their drug product sales revenue in 2020 was US $47.4 billion, and their R & D investment in biopharmaceutical technology reached about US $11.3 billion, even among the 50 Biopharmaceutical Enterprises in the world, Such capital investment is also second to none.
Their best-selling drug is avidin, which is mainly used for anti-cancer. In addition, the sales of orizumab and rituximab have also reached more than 4 billion US dollars. Founded in 1896 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Roche Group attaches great importance to the research and development of new technologies in the field of pharmacy and diagnosis. This can be seen from the huge amount of R & D investment mentioned above. With their strong R & D capability, they have their own originality in the fields of anti-tumor, immunity, anti infection and so on. It is worth mentioning that Roche is also a pioneer in the field of diabetes management.
Novartis, another Swiss biopharmaceutical enterprise on the list, is also an excellent pharmaceutical company. Its predecessor has been active as early as the 18th century. Novartis, also headquartered in Basel, has now become one of the three largest pharmaceutical enterprises in the world. In this list, the sales gap between them and the top is only about 200 million US dollars, However, they are ahead of the third place by more than US $3 billion. Similarly, they also attach great importance to R & D investment, with an investment of US $8.484 billion. Novartis's main products are keshanting, jielingya and nuoxintol, which are drugs for the treatment of plaque psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and heart failure, respectively, with sales of about US $3 billion. The specific drug for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia mentioned in the popular film I am not a god of medicine is imatinib mesylate developed by Novartis of Switzerland, which is called greavel in China.
As we all know, the United States is one of the largest concentration of top talents in the field of biomedical research in the world. For a long time, the U.S. biopharmaceutical industry has maintained a prosperous development. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry is also one of the most profitable industries in the U.S. society, and its influence is even large enough to influence the decision-making of Congress. In the list of pharmaceutical managers, the top ten enterprises in the United States account for half. Among them, Johnson & Johnson was once known as the world's largest pharmaceutical company, and its sales still lag behind the third ranked Alberta by about $1 billion. EBV is a research biomedical company, which has been committed to drug research and development for more than 125 years.
Their main products are xiumeile, Yike and Enoch, which are mainly used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, blood cancer and chronic hepatitis C. xiumeile has become the "king of medicine" in the field of immunity, with 17 indications in the world. Johnson & Johnson followed closely. During World War II in the United States, its founder Johnson & Johnson Brothers recognized the theory of "invisible bacteria" by a British military doctor, and then created its own industry - the production of sterile surgical dressings in New Jersey. Now it has become the largest and diversified medical and health care products and nursing products company in the world. Johnson & Johnson's main products are hidanol, Zhaoke and lik, which are used to treat psoriasis, multiple myeloma, segmental enteritis and rheumatoid arthritis respectively.
Johnson & Johnson is characterized by its belief that small and independent companies can better maintain their innovation ability. Therefore, it still makes every effort to continue to maintain its independence when developing the market and acquiring companies. Bristol Myers Squibb, headquartered in New York, USA, has a history of more than 100 years. Its main products are raleimides for the treatment of multiple myeloma, alotal, an anticoagulant drug, and odivo, a drug for the treatment of lung cancer and melanoma, According to the financial report released on February 6, 2020, the company's net loss in 2019 has reached US $1.1 billion, but its drug sales in 2020 still reached US $41.9 billion.
Merck group, whose predecessor was founded in 1668 and has a history of 350 years, ranks sixth on the list. It is one of the oldest pharmaceutical enterprises on the list. The company in the United States is a branch. The difference of the branch is that it only has the right to use the name of "Merck" in North America, "MSD", "MSD sharp & Dohme" or "MSD sharp & Dohme" in China "Mercedes" is the official company name they are allowed to use outside North America. Their main products are: ritida, Jiapu and chnovier. They are used to treat melanoma, cervical cancer and type 2 diabetes. Their sales volume is about $41 billion 400 million, and it is also the last enterprise to achieve sales of $40 billion in the list.
The last American company in the list is the same Pfizer Inc in New York, USA. They have more than 170 years of history. The goal is to bring breakthrough innovation to their lives. Their sales volume is US $35 billion 600 million, ranking eighth in this list. The main products are Pei Er, Ai Bo and Shang Jie, which are used to prevent pneumococcal disease, advanced metastatic breast cancer and ulcerative colitis. In the process of treatment, in addition to the fields of medical health care and consumer health products, Pfizer also involves the field of animal health care, and its innovative products are sold to more than 150 countries and regions around the world. From this sales list, it can be seen that American pharmaceutical enterprises have a very important influence in the world.
In addition to traditional medical powers such as Switzerland and the United States, enterprises such as France, Britain and Japan also appear in the top 10 of the list. For example, Sanofi of France is a representative enterprise of the French pharmaceutical industry, known as the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world and the first well-known pharmaceutical enterprise in Europe. In 2020, the sales of pharmaceutical products reached US $35.8 billion, and the main products were It is mainly used to treat asthma and type 1 diabetes. Sanofi is one of the first multinational pharmaceutical companies to enter China, and is also one of the fastest growing multinational pharmaceutical companies in China.
For British pharmaceutical companies, Chinese people seem to be more familiar with AstraZeneca. Because the advertising of its weight loss products is very comprehensive, they seem to be more familiar with AstraZeneca, but he only ranks 11th on the list. Unfortunately, he is not in the top 10. Another British pharmaceutical company on the list is GlaxoSmithKline, whose history can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century, with sales of To US $30.5 billion, the main products are suimeikai and shuyuetai, of which shuyuetai is used to treat asthma, and suimeikai is a drug for the treatment of HIV-1 infection. It seems not surprising that the main product of British Biopharmaceutical Enterprises is drugs for the treatment of HIV infection.
Finally, Takeda biopharmaceutical, a Japanese enterprise, is the only biopharmaceutical enterprise among the top ten in Asia. Founded in 1781, this enterprise mainly has four core fields, namely, tumor, rare diseases, digestion and neuroscience. Its main products are Anji excellent drugs for the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Now they have three global R & D bases and three regional R & D bases For the development center, the R & D investment rate is 15.7%, even surpassing Alberto, the third in the list.
The above is the top ten Biopharmaceutical Enterprises with the highest drug sales in the world. Pharmaceutical enterprises are one of the enterprises closely related to human survival and can be said to control the fate of human health.
The top ten global drug sales are all foreign enterprises, which seems to reflect the promotion space of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in this regard. The strength of China's medical and health industry is not necessarily weak, but it has not been widely recognized by the world. With the continuous development of the global anti epidemic situation, it is believed that China's medical strength will contribute more to the whole mankind in the future.

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